What could possibly go wrong?
Just watch.

Did you know that up to $3 billion in mailing transaction errors are made by the corporate sector each year?
How much of that is yours?
Are you paying another company’s postage expenses? Worse still, are you paying it twice?
When was the last time you audited your postage spend? Never?
Are you sure your company mail complies with every postal service regulation? Are you sure you’re sure?
These are not extreme examples of what can go wrong but the types of things that go unnoticed every single day.
What we do for our clients is to plan for things to go right before they go wrong.
We’re GrayHair Advisors.
An experienced team of multi-platform mail consultants who have a depth of knowledge of the entire mailing industry that is second to none.
We help corporations large and small become more efficient with their postal and digital mail in a surprising number of ways.

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